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Autism is a type of developmental disorder, its name is known as “Autism severe crisis”, this name is actually because autism appears in different forms in severe violent attack.

It is estimated that it is caused by genetic, in other words hereditary, hormonal reasons. On May 18, 2013, with the DSM-5 booklet, mild autism began to be examined in 3 categories as Moderate and Severe.

mild autism; The eye-pleasing, features, rotating or luminous communication disorders are of the milder excursion with interest in the alternating or luminous simple. While it is defined as such in scientific academic circles, various descriptions such as Atypical autism, pseudo-autism, semi-autistic, Transient autism among the public.

It is education in children and education as “applied education” educations. Or, supplements such as B-6 supplements, melatonin, folic acid are mentioned in the city.

Autism; It can occur with many problems such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Language and Speech Disorders, Echolalia, Special Learning Disability, Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity, Asperger’s, Anxiety. In this sense, studies show that intervention in early childhood is effective and the target in drug-free treatment is education.

ABA Therapy; Do you know that autism can be treated without medication with pre-school ABA therapy trainings? “Autism spectrum disorder” is a neurodevelopmental disorder and can be treated without medication with ABA therapy educational support at an early age.

Toilet training can be part of a very difficult process in children with autism symptoms. It is actually very easy to overcome this difficulty. ABA behavioral therapies give hope to children’s lives with their intensive or part-time applications. You can contact us to get information about the use of “behavior modification” methods in the treatment of many negative behaviors such as difficulty in acquiring toilet habits.

Some links have been found as a result of recent studies between Autism Melatonin Sleep. According to these connections, improvement in behavior is reported as a result of regular sleep and balancing of melatonin levels in children with autism spectrum disorder. You can review our articles on the subject.

Autism shows an increasing trend in the world day by day.
According to the data of Centers for Diseaese cosnrol (CDN), the US disease control center, which is accepted as an authority on autism and differences in the world, autism is seen in 1 out of every 54 children. This rate proves that 2 out of every 100 children have autism spectrum disorder.

Although statistics give lower numbers for girls than boys, there are scientific studies that report that the rate may actually be close.
You can review our articles for detailed information, and contact us for a support request about Autism.

Autism symptoms in infants can be understood by following the monthly developmental periods by considering autistic symptoms. attention of families; It is very important in understanding autistic symptoms, eye contact, echolalia and obsessive movements in children.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is described as a neurodevelopmental difference, but sometimes only attention deficit or hyperactivity can be found alone. In other words, it is not possible to talk about deliberate mischief, hyperactivity or lack of attention in children and adults suffering from this problem. The person behaves in this way as a result of a structural problem that is suspected to be genetic or hormonal.

It is called “ADHD”, that is, “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” in the scientific literature around the world. It can usually be detected after the age of 6 because it becomes visible in social environments depending on the reaction of the child. If it can be detected at pre-school ages, behavior can be controlled with behavioral approaches such as ABA therapy, i.e. Applied behavior analysis. Educational studies are mandatory for the child to be more integrated and compatible with the society at a later age. In advanced ages, drug support recommended by medical doctors may be required.

ADHD can sometimes occur together with differences that are thought to be neurodevelopmental, such as “autism spectrum disorder”, dyslexia, language-speech disorders, specific learning difficulties, namely dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia.

In such cases, which cannot be controlled at an early age, Anxiety can evolve into a problem that requires psychological support along with mood disorders. In this sense, the importance of educational support at an early age is very clear in terms of child and community health.

The prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and ADHD is moving along an increasing curve.
What is the prevalence of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and ADHD (ADHD)?( ististik ve Bağlantı ver,CI%3A%206.5%E2%80%937.9) According to statistics in the United States, more than 16 million children have been diagnosed with ADHD. this reveals that 10 out of every 100 children in the USA are affected by this difference.

ADHD in children; It may occur due to attention deficit, hyperactivity or a combination of both. It is usually noticed after the age of 6 because it becomes visible when school-age children are in the same environment with their peers, forming certain expectations and identifying the problem in parallel with the child’s responses to them. If the diagnosis can be made in children at an early age, treatment can be provided with behavior modification therapies such as Applied Behavior Analysis, in other words, with educational models such as ABA Therapy. At the very least, the child’s behavior can be taught to control. As a result, the child will not have problems integrating into society in his later years and can get much better results in overcoming accompanying problems such as anxiety, autism, etc.

This type of difficulty, which is described as a special learning disability, is thought to arise from a neurodevelopmental, that is, a structural problem in the brain. There are studies on whether it may be genetic, that is, hereditary, or may be affected by hormonal effects. There is no retardation in the level of intelligence, and even high intelligence is a frequently encountered phenomenon.

Special learning disability affects reading (Dyslexia), writing (Dysgraphia), Mathematics, arithmetic calculation (Dyscalculia) skills, and there is also a sub-type called developmental coordination disorder (Dyspraxia).

The treatment of special learning disabilities is known as education, especially if treatment can be provided with special one-to-one training in early childhood, world-famous geniuses can emerge due to the high level of intelligence.

Mathematics Learning Disability Dyscalculia is known as a type of specific learning disability. It is a structural difference that causes a person to have problems with math and arithmetic calculation. It is not about intelligence because individuals with dyscalculia often have difficulty executing computational operations because they are affected by a neurodevelopmental problem even though they are intelligent enough.

reading disorder; It is another name for dyslexia, which is a type of specific learning disorder. Children may perceive letters and words differently. Dyslexia is a structural, neurodevelopmental problem, not a psychological or motivational problem. Education is recognized as the best treatment method.

Writing disorder, namely “dysgraphia”, is not a condition that can be explained by the person’s psychological or lack of motivation. The child cannot perform the act of writing because he is affected by a neurodevelopmental difference in his brain. Education is the best known solution method.

speech-language therapy; These are studies carried out with the support of language therapists and audiologists in children and adults with speech difficulties. As a result of the tests carried out by the audiologists, it is aimed to improve the speaking skills of the child and adults as a result of the letter, word, fine motor development studies and therapies performed by the language therapist after the conclusion that there is no deficiency in the perception of sound.

Language-speech disorders can occur together with problems such as Autism, ADHD, Special learning difficulties, namely dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and dyspraxia, or they can occur alone. Depending on the condition of the child’s language skills, different intensities can be applied depending on the intensity of the problem.

A neurodevelopmental disorder that is described as Asperger’s syndrome, that is, a type of difference. It is a difference that usually becomes visible with advancing age and is difficult to detect at an early age, since there is no difficulty in speaking and the level of intelligence is normal. If it can be detected, development can be rapid because individuals and children affected by Asperger’s syndrome usually have higher than normal intelligence levels.

Social communication disorders are often seen in Aspergers, the person affected by this disease is usually related to himself or the environment other than people. Due to their excessive obsession with nature, technology, art, and science, specialization can be seen in related fields if the childhood process can be overcome in a healthy way.

When you look at the famous people with Asperger’s disease, it is true that they have very different perspectives and add a different meaning to the world as a result of their obsessive interest and curiosity, as can be understood from names such as Elon Musk, Albert Einstein, and Satoshi Tajiri.

At first, Asperger’s syndrome was considered a sub-branch of Autism, but later developments showed that Asperger’s was classified as a separate species from autism, due to reasons such as high intelligence level, no speech disorder, and curiosity feeding the technical thinking capacity.

It has also been called “High Functioning Autism” in some circles because it shows symptoms similar to autism and shows higher intelligence.

Advice on Asperger’s syndrome often works for older children and adults. Because it is not very possible to detect Asperger’s syndrome at an early age. This is because children are smart enough and asperger’s develops when parents only suspect some abnormality in behavior and consult a specialist. Scientists, artists and many famous names are known to be affected by this difference.

Down syndrome is a kind of gene disease originating from the 21st chromosome and there is no known cure yet. Various therapy activities are carried out in Special Education and Rehabilitation Centers.

There are some obvious physical signs, such as broad and flat facial features, a thicker neck than a normal person’s, a characteristic evolution of the palm lines, slanting small eyes, and the big toe being slightly more exposed than the others. In addition, they are known for being a source of joy to the people around them with their very positive and always smiling nature.

Trying to develop gross motor and fine motor skills in their treatment, that is, gross motor activities such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and fine motor improvements such as tying shoelaces can help the person to continue his life in a healthier way.

A happy society is possible with a happy family. “Family therapy” is indispensable for families with children with neurodevelopmental differences or who need social support activities.
In this sense, if you want to talk to the experts in our Schools, where you can find the support you need, you can contact us.

Celebrities who are different is an article that should inspire people because it explains that neurodevelopmental challenges like autism, asperger’s or dyslexia shouldn’t deter us. If children can be taught at an early age how to control behavior with education; It proves that traits such as high intelligence, obsessive interest and endless curiosity can actually be a gift to the world as a result of the combination of differences. Celebrities, they’re different, but they’re definitely not missing.

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